Tuesday, 12 June 2012


On the North Coast of Jamaica lies the town of Runaway Bay.
A little town so ignored over the years, dabbled with from time to time.
A little girl I was, when I spent my summers
in what I thought to be a large cottage!
lol...size is so relative, I drive pass today and marvel how we stayed,
happily I must add, in such small spaces.


It is in this town that we are building a small cottage.
The reality, we do not need a lot, but we do need
warmth and coziness that only comes from within....
like Quilts! A Quilt made from the heart
will always shine.

...my mind races with the colours, such as above.
I need to decide on my background...neutral?

In so exploring, I have been living in blog land,
so much to learn, so much to see,
so many people to meet and greet.

I keep going back to Modern Quilting as I have become conscious
of the similarity between my
love of antiques and the Modern turn of the arts.

The Amish Quilts and The Modern Quilts!



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