Monday, 19 July 2010

My husband and I have been you are a quilter, a quilt shop is the No.1 tourist attraction.  Eagerly, I began my research on the various quilt shops en route..whoops.. I had to promise...this trip is a 'holiday'. Husbands always think we have a lot of fabrics! Finding that little piece of fabric to bring all the energy of a quilt together can be so difficult. It's just not there in my stash!

I was very good, however, in Paris my dear husband weakened. Excitedly, we tried on several occasions to visit  'Le Rouvray'.  We were either too late..too early or the wrong day...I stood looking through the window, relishing in the moment, my hands moving slowly across the glass... I thanked my hubby.

All was not lost, our visits to the Bookstores allowed me to enjoy and purchase many quilting!  In Jamaica, it's difficult to find a quilt magazine on the stand, hence, I do subscribe to a few. The Quilt Industry continues to grow at such a rapid rate its awe-inspiring.  One of my favourite, is Quilters Newsletter....there have been a lot of one and relax with a cup of coffee and Enjoy!