Wednesday, 9 February 2011

A Brief History of Hawaiian Quilting........

It was in the 1800’s when missionary women brought bolts of  fabrics and steel needles from their sea voyage. They taught the Hawaiian people how to make patchwork quilts. The Hawaiians, did not see the point in taking these bolts of fabrics, cutting them into small pieces and sewing them together again! How senseless they thought!

The children were taught how to cut snowflake patterns from folded paper. The Hawaiians found this method of folding a more efficient way to create the designs which they were already printing on their bark cloth Kapas.

The story goes...One day while having one of their "sewing bees" in the shade of the Breadfruit tree, the shadow cast by the tree inspired the Hawaiians to create the first "Hawaiian Quilt" by cutting out the design seen in the shadow, from one large piece of fabric. The pattern was then appliqued onto another piece of fabric creating the quilt top. The beautiful gardens of the island were the inspirations for their many patterns. The ‘echo’ hand quilting around the various patterns epics the ripples of the Sea.

The "Breadfruit’ was the Beginning....

'The Hawaiian Quilt' by Carlene Ramprashad, Kingston, JAMAICA

HENCE! My friend Carlene, who loves appliqué and has done some amazing quilts, has begun her Hawaiian Quilt journey, starting with the Breadfruit......according to the Hawaiians ‘The beginning of a spiritual journey’

We in Jamaica have to thank Captain William Bligh (1754-1817)
for our beautiful 'Breadfruit Trees'. 
In Jamaica, there is nothing nicer than a roasted
‘Yellow Heart’ Breadfruit!

“A journey of 1,000 miles must begin with one step.”
~ Chinese Proverb Quotes

Happy Quilting