Monday, 8 March 2010

It has been so long! On February 6th 2010 our daughter got married. We are so blessed as Madelaine and Craig are an amazing and beautiful couple.

The Holy Trinity Cathedral, Kingston, Jamaica
Copyrighted - 2010 - PHOTO by Alan Smith,Jamaica

Our ‘Holy Trinity Cathedral’ is so beautiful. The amazing work of art you now see was all painted grey in the early 1970’s! The journey of restoration has begun , although a long road, the unveiling of history in its true form touches the core of ones soul. There is something so mystical about history.
Over the past months I have been so enveloped with wedding plans my ‘quilting life’ was forced into the background. I have certainly experienced withdrawal symptoms. I have been spending quiet time in my studio, stroking my fabrics, turning the leaves of my magazines and Quilt books, enjoying each word and photo of inspiration.

The quilting world is moving at such an immense pace. Ideas are constantly evolving; Although feeling a little behind, a few more quiet days in my studio and I will be in my quilting zone!
Until then..from Jamaica.....
Runaway Bay, Jamaica - 2010
Happy Quilting,