Sunday, 17 July 2011

The Quilt Collector

You know I am settling when I write twice in one day!

Today - July 17th 2011 - in the New York Times-
a beautiful story of a Collector and her Quilts

Do read and enjoy!

Ardis Butler James - The New York Times - July 17th 2011
The International Quilt Study Centre and Museum
This article was sent to me by a dear family member who understands 'passion'
Thank you

"Noting great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion"
'Hebbel Quote' - German Poet (1813- 1863)

My youngest daughter just graduated from University of Waterloo, Ont. Canada.
Two persons fall in love
get married, have kids
Play Dolly House

Its play time but....
We have to prepare our kids
for the challenges in the real world

Through Love
Through Education
Through Security

Our kids, spread their wings
flying the path of their own journey
we are home always
with open arms!

"Tiffany" Jamaica

We visited our favourite spot...St. Jacobs,
a small village outside of Waterloo with quaint little shops.
The main street..maybe 1KM

The summers are full of activities. Farmer's Markets, lots of craft activities
and of course Quilt Show!
My favourites...The Quilt Shops..yes...Quilt shops!

Reichard's...a lovely quilt shop, so friendly and full of Moda!

The Mennonites trekked from Pennsylvania in the 1700"s in their wagons,
settling in and around St. Jacobs. Hence,
their Quilts, their beautiful handwork can be found in this small village.

St. Jacob's Mennonites Quilts

St. Jacobs Country Inn, where we stayed, had on display in the Reception area -  
Quilts hanging on the wall in support of a fundraising for Breast Cancer.

"Quilts on display" St. Jacob, Waterloo Canada

Quilts.....a true sign of Love!

'Happy Quilting'