Sunday, 1 July 2012



I am an avid 'BlogLand' reader!
The Quilting World is amazing, it's so interesting
how quilting has evolved and continues
to find new heights!

I am a traditionalist, I love antiques, I love the 'ole feeling
of warmth, of history, of a story. I also
love the simplicity of the past -
the minimal embellishment of the Modern World

I have been drawn lately to Modern Quilting, but..
what is Modern Quilting?
Although late in the BOM(Block of tthe Month),
I have ventured over to 'Sew Mama Sew'
to do the "Modern Block of the Month" which ended in
Thus far, I have done 4 blocks which I will feature tomorrow.

Thus far it has been fun....

Do hope you visit 'Sew Mama Sew'..I am enjoying the journey!



Tuesday, 12 June 2012


On the North Coast of Jamaica lies the town of Runaway Bay.
A little town so ignored over the years, dabbled with from time to time.
A little girl I was, when I spent my summers
in what I thought to be a large cottage!
lol...size is so relative, I drive pass today and marvel how we stayed,
happily I must add, in such small spaces.


It is in this town that we are building a small cottage.
The reality, we do not need a lot, but we do need
warmth and coziness that only comes from within....
like Quilts! A Quilt made from the heart
will always shine.

QUILTS! mind races with the colours, such as above.
I need to decide on my background...neutral?

In so exploring, I have been living in blog land,
so much to learn, so much to see,
so many people to meet and greet.

I keep going back to Modern Quilting as I have become conscious
of the similarity between my
love of antiques and the Modern turn of the arts.

The Amish Quilts and The Modern Quilts!



Sunday, 29 January 2012


We are known for our music...We love our music.....
Last night my hubby and I went to Jazz & Blues Festival ..
to see... ..Celine Dion....

We were so fortunate to get so close to the stage...
The show was AMAZING!!
Here we were....25/30ft from an artiste 
with an incredible voice, a lady, 
someone who's so natural and  filled with inner beauty. 
Celine Dion was awesome!

I took these photos with my phone ( technology today!)
I so wanted to enjoy the moment, 
live in the present and enjoy
Celine Dion's true more photos!

Jamaicans are unique....singing along with Celine Dion...
videoing her performance......
I am quite certain Celine was overwhelmed
Jamaicans love her!!!

Enjoy each day...its a gift!


Saturday, 21 January 2012


'How you are in the Dark is how you are in the Light'...

Getting to know oneself is a constant journey as
each day brings new experiences.

As we take a walk through life, we have a responsibility not only to ourselves
but to those whom we inspire knowingly or unknowingly.
be true to yourself and let your star shine. 

Quilters are so happy to share with others, so openly and freely.
The act of giving not only warms the hearts of others
but warms the heart of the one who gives.

Every quilt tells a story...
This Jamaican Quilt is Nicole's story of Jamaica
filled with warmth.
Thank you Nicole for sharing your joy 
with CaribbeanQuilters and her visitors.
 Happy Quilting


Tuesday, 10 January 2012


I must be the last in the Blogger's World to wish you all a 
Happy New Year!
2012 feels really good!....
In the Blogger's Quilting World a lot is happening.
The artistry of Quilting is mushrooming
taking us all into different zones....
How Wonderful and Exciting!

There is no better place to be for Christmas 
than being with our children and respective companions. 
Last but not least, our grandson Jacob.
We ate, drank, laughed and played.
God is good....

I designed this quilt for Jacob using 
Bunny Hill Design by Ann Sutton - 'Lily and Will'.
when I had finished 'quilting' the quilt, 
I was so excited to give my daughter, 
I neglected to take a photo....a no! no! in my book!
It is so important to sign and document your Quilts,
As we say in Jamaica "baby turn grannie's head fool" denial....

  Living in Jamaica is not without its challenges...
I think I must be the only one...thus far...who has the latest Bernina.
(hopefully in students who are doing amazingly....
will want Bernina quilting machines)
We have some original Bernina Sewing Machines... going very strong!!
I take my machine to a lovely Quilt Store in Florida to be serviced.
Unfortunately, it needed a part..
due to the Christmas rush it has been 4 weeks!!!
Ever wondered why Quilters have several machines..... 
I do have one more..but...hint..hint..
The 'attachment' trap...Oh yes...that's me...
I get attached to my machine, 
to my fabrics, to my notions, to my quilts......
I await patiently for my call jump on the flight.....
In the meantime...
My stash is being reorganized....
Ready for the moment........