Tuesday, 2 November 2010

My Blue Mountain Coffee

Old Tavern Coffee Estate - Twyman - Kingston JAMAICA

I love coffee, I am very fortunate.....
The finest coffee in the world comes from my homeland. (Smile)
Whenever I travel I take coffee as a gift, however, persons do not realize,
like everything there is a 'shelf life'.
When the  coffee beans are stored in the refrigerator waiting for a special moment,
you loose the fresh essence of the freshly roasted beans.
This of course IS my opinion based on my experiences.
For me these days.....Fresh is the Best! Indulge in the 'here and now',......there is no better time.

Caribbeanquilters - KINGSTON, JAMAICA
I have fixed my 'Twyman's  Blue Mountain Coffee and I am pondering on my Quilt in process on my design wall....'Turnovers'... these are 80 pre-cut 6 inch triangles by Moda. It is so good to let go and create....no pattern....I am learning a lot and have many questions to ask or reading of magazines and blogs to do.
It is so great to challenge oneself....

Holly Jolly Snowman by Moda

"Impossibilities are merely things which we have not yet learned" -- Charles W. Chesnutt



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