Thursday, 2 September 2010

My New Quilt!

Selecting the right colour binding I find to be very important.
Which colour do I wish to 'pop' - orange looks amazing..hmmm..but the blue will soften the Quilt...
Any suggestions?......

A Quilt Jigsaw Puzzle

You know you are a quilter when you are on vacation with your family, hence,  all your 'Quilties' are in your Studio,
Alas, you do a Quilt Jigsaw Puzzle!  My children with their respective companions enjoyed the puzzle immensely.

My Seaside Quilt

I know.....a Quilt by the seaside! The quilts were so enjoyed during that afternoon nap.
As we would say in Jamaica - 'When you are Feeling the rum, Belly-a- Full, Sun on the body.....say no more"
a quilt and AC -

'A Quilt will warm your body and comfort your soul'
Author Unknown

Happy Quilting,



  1. I´d say blue for the binding!
    Love the colours of both your quilts. Very pretty.

    You´ve got a delightful blog which is indicated in one of my blogs since I´ve first started it. Thought you might enjoy knowing it.

    I also have one in English. Come visit sometime! (

    You can also comment in English on the blog writen in Portuguese. Hope to see you around!

  2. Hi Carolyn,
    Your quilt looks beautiful, I vote orange :)
    Hard to believe it was a year ago my hubby and I were on the cliffs in Negril, so beautiful. Ahh sorry, a little moment there. I love the pictures of your quilts, they look very nice. It must be a challenge to acquire your fabric, I bet that makes it even more rewarding to finish one! Keep up the good work, I can't wait to come back to Jamaica one day. Happy Quilting

  3. Hi Carolyn
    Your blog is beautiful! And your quilts are gorgeous. I understand your passion for quilting as I have a passion for scrapbooking that sounds very much similar to yours.
    Looking forward to working with you on the Cathedral blog.