Monday, 17 May 2010

This weekend, beginning May 21st is
held in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
How I wish I could be there in the midst of all the latest Fabrics and technology in the fast growing world of Quilting. Instead, as I drive along the coast of our island I enjoy the simplicity of life.......

A Little Shop on the's Sunday...they are closed.

I find inspiration from the colours of nature and reflect on the times when I am in search for that one piece of fabric that going to make my Quilt 'pop' -better known as the 'wow' fabric.
I look yonder...


                                                                                Follow your dreams!

I will be in my studio attempting a new technique of trapunto. It looks exciting and rather simple. I shall keep you posted, although I tend to go for the challenging elaborate task to begin my journey, I have decided to be somewhat timid and go simple.......and enjoy the simplicity of life.

Happy Quilting

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  1. Enjoy your posts and wish you came here more often!
    Your stars quilt is so pretty! Made with love + lots of hability!