Thursday, 6 May 2010

There is something soothing about quilting by the seaside, the waves lapping on the sand bringing its own form, only for a moment, returning back to sea to revolve again. We are always revolving.

I am quilting away making lap size quilts to throw on chairs in my Beach House. Yes, I know Quilts in a Beach House! Quilts adds such warmth to a home and today, the quilting fabrics are so amazing!

Runaway Bay, JAMAICA

I finally completed my Blue and White Quilt, which I made for someone
who is very dear to my heart. She loves Blue and White!
Christmas came and went and I had not finished her's never too late..
a gift from the heart that touches the soul  of someone dear to
you is whats important. The month of April is fine! and so it was.........

'Stars' Quilt pieced by 'Carolyn' Kingston, JAMAICA
Life is so precious, each day is a gift to be treasured,
each moment to be enjoyed.
Yesterday is the past - its gone,
today is the presence - its here - tomorrow is the future
it's not here - and may not be.

As a quilter, there are so many quilts you wish to make, the span of life is too short!

Happy Quilting.

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