Saturday, 17 October 2009

What an amazing experience! I went to my first Quilt Market in Houston and had an amazing time. Needless to say is was extremely overwhelming for me....

The crowd for Sample Spree was unbelievable. Sample Spree, is all about getting samples of the new fabrics that will be out in a few months. Next time, I will definitely be better prepared!

This is Heather Bailey's Booth.
Heather and her husband are wonderful people. Her husband, Issac,
is a wedding photographer and had an assignment in Jamaica.
They both had an amazing visit to the island, the bond was wonderful.
I love Heather's fabrics and will be ordering her new line
"Pop Garden & Bijoux" to be out in July.
I am off for the weekend to relax at our cottage by the seaside to
read my new magazines, to return on Tuesday to open my studio -
Happy Quilting,

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