Sunday, 26 April 2009

Where Quilter's Create

April warms the hearts of 16 ex-soldiers
from ‘Curphey Home’ in Mandeville, Jamaica
last Christmas (2008). She made 16 ‘Bandana Quilts’
Finding space to do her machine quilting was quite simple!

Here is April, having removed a 'leaf' from her dinning table,
she placed her chair in the middle, and quilted away with joy in her heart.
Thank you April for sharing your tip and photo.

Lets share our tips!

Happy Quilting,


  1. that looks like a hot job quilting with all that quilt draped over you. I love the photo of the house with the big palm plant on your header.

  2. Beautiful your works, country ogf inspiration Jamaica for make yours quilt. I´m new in the patchwork, and visit the blog for learn. Greetings from Uruguay

  3. Wow love you re blog very nice quilts

  4. Welcome to Quilt Bloggers. Your work is lovely. You have an admirable task ahead of you to inspire your fellow Jamaicans. I do a lot of needlework, but have quilts on my earlier posts.

  5. Your quilts are lovely. Welcome to Quilt Bloggers. I love the colors you use.

  6. I like your blog and I'll visit it again!
    Greetings from the Netherlands.