Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Jan wanted to make her dream a reality
She wanted her family to wrap in the
warmth and comfort of her hands.
Jan made her first quilt.
Congratulations Jan and Enjoy!
National Quilt Day is March 21st 2009.

National Quilt Day began in 1991 and is
celebrated on the third Saturday of March.
This is the day to appreciate how we have
been blessed with an amazing talent that
has brought warmth to not only ourselves
but to our loved ones and those in need of
the comfort of love.
If you are not a quilter, wrap yourself in a quilt,
enjoy the warmth and reflex on the hands that
have made quilts from generations to generations.

Lets all take the time to make the block put out by
The National Quilt Association. We are on a journey
of ‘serious times’. Have fun with your block and
please send me photos of you finished block so we
Good Luck!

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